Down for you - out now!


Emmet’s latest song, ‘Down For You’, features vocals from Gillian Baci is now released. It is of a tropical house genre with a powerful vocal sound to blend with the uptempo tropical beat.





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The song features loud kick drum sounds behind an uptempo acoustic guitar with a synth creating a dance feel to the song. It is the follow up to Emmet's debut success single, ‘Take me to Paradise’. The acoustic guitar provides an interesting contrast as this instrument is rare in tropical house and similar genres. 

The video for this song also features 'contrasts'. Soft romance is intermixed with lively dance scenes personifying the ying yang conundrum palpable with the very essence of the song theme. 

Down For You is a 'make-up' song about going back to the one you love— whom you broke up with—even though it means going against yourself. In writing these words, the aim was to recreate something that anyone who has had to go back to a love that also brought them pain could relate to. Melodically and lyrically, the choice was made to match the beat’s dynamic nature. This first verse serves as an introduction to the issue at hand; following the break-up, you’re having regrets and second-guessing your decision to leave. The third line highlights the duality of your relationship with the person and the power they have over you, seeing they hold both pain and pleasure. The last two lines serve as a refrain, teasing the song’s major point. The first line of the pre-chorus piggybacks on the image in the song’s first line. The second highlights the seriousness of the conundrum you find yourself in. The next two lines show the battle that still rages within. Although your lover brings hell, the refrain (last two lines) hits again, this time, stronger than the first. This leads us into the main decision that lays in wait at the chorus. This chorus delivers the song’s main message: you can come back and break me again because I’d rather be with you, and even if I have to fight myself, then I’ll go down for you.

The song is  available for purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Apple Music. 


There are many personal qualities
essential to what I do, here are some…


Once you find your passion, it changes everything. I'm so pasionate about my music. Passion is imperative in this business!


I critique my music more thoroughly than anyone else could.


What people don't see is the hard work that goes in to making a song. All people get to know about is what's in those three minutes of the song.


I want to create memories for people. I want to create anthems for big moments in their lives.