Released on the 26/04/2024, 'Mine' by Remo and Emmet Glascott is a heartfelt song about the struggles of life and the comfort found in a deep connection with someone. The lyrics speak to the feeling of being lost and broken but finding solace in the presence of another person who understands and excepts you for who you are. The chorus repeats the desire to be with that person, despite the challenges and chaos of life. The song captures the raw emotions of vulnerability, love and acceptance, making it a powerful and moving track that resonates with listners..

Soothing melody, stunning natural landscapes, stunningly attractive women - making it impossible to look away. Like a mini vacation for your senses. No need to book a flight or spend a fortune — just hit play, sit back, and let the good vibes wash over you.

There are many personal qualities
essential to what I do, here are some…


Once you find your passion, it changes everything. I'm so pasionate about my music. Passion is imperative in this business!


I critique my music more thoroughly than anyone else could.


What people don't see is the hard work that goes in to making a song. All people get to know about is what's in those three minutes of the song.


I want to create memories for people. I want to create anthems for big moments in their lives.